Nigerians have become so fraudlent that a Nigerian can announce his own obituary and organise his own burial yet he is alive.  I wonder why an average Nigerian sees fraud as the quickest means to succeed in life to the detriment of hard work.  This protends great danger to the country and if no urgent steps are taken by the government to arrest this ugly scenario, Nigeria will lose her credibility further in the comity of nations.  A stitch in time saves nine.

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Where did this happen sir? Kindly give us an example so we can learn from the story
Chiwuike my dear, for safety reasons, I will not diclose where it happend. But surely it happend around where I reside.

Kingsley Chiwuike Ukaoha said:
Where did this happen sir? Kindly give us an example so we can learn from the story
my brothers , this issue of fraudulent is bringing bad image about Nigeria really,Some Nigerian need fast money without hard work, the country is already in great danger now , like here in Europe tell somebody that you are a Nigerian you will see the way they will look each other, i was contacted about this power problem in Nigeria by A friend over contract but the time i have meeting with some Companies here in Europe as they heard Nigeria , they changed their mind immediately, , let the people not only Government help stop,,,,Internet fraud. drug business, telling lies , corruption , and many more otherwise in next 3 years it will be bad ,,,,,,,,,
Nigerians are fraudlent because everyone wants to be like the next door neighbour with big mansion/s, many cars, house maids and boys, drivers to ferry them around and the ability to "spray" that money at events. Also, let's not forget family pressure..."if Micheal can do this why not you" syndrome?
My brother it,s difficult to stop fraudlant in nigeria b/c the Government their self are fraud stars people like Bibangida, James ibro,and most of our leaders they are all theifs Police are taking Bribe in Open places killing an innocent Nigerians giving fake goergment Can u Just immagine the Kind of money this Criminals so called our leaders are taking out of the country? so let us talk about the Gov. let them stop curruptionn witing their self and creat Jobs for the poor people.
This what i called fraudlent politicans The new salaries and allowances structured approved by the Nigeria's National assembly does not reflect the unenviable status of Nigeria as one of the poorest and and corrupt nations in the World.Coming at a time it took the Nigerian labour Union four days of hard bargaining and more than a week of
excrutiating pain for the generality of the Nigerian people to get a $0.04 {5 naira} reprieve The pay schedule indicates that while each senator is entitled to $421,875{about 54 million naira},members of the house of representatives are slated to get about $400,000{47.9 million naira} each.
The breakdown includes $5,000{600,000 naira} per month as entertainment allowance for every member of the 469-member National Assembly,a monthly car allowance of $1,000 dollars{128,000 naira} for each senator and about the same money for each house of representative members.While annual wardrobe allowance for members of both senate and house of representatives is fixed at $4,000{about 500,000 naira} each,a senator also takes $39062.5{5million naira as constituency allowance}annually and almost half of it for each house of representative members, excluding the principal officers,will also get 200 percent of their basic pay as accommodation allowance with another 300 percent of their basic salaries for furniture.
In addition,a sum of $31,250,000{4 billion dollars} is expected to be given out as car loans to the federal lawmakers in Nigeria.Though the president of the senate and other key officers will not benefit from the car loans and vehicle maintenance allowances,he is entitled to 8 official cars while the speaker of the house of representatives keeps 7,In recommending the new benefits,the Nigerian revenue mobilization and Fiscal commission {RMAFC] which regulates the incomes and allowances of Nigerian lawmakers,argued that the new increament were based on a comprehensive survey of the costs of living obtained from different parts of the country and the Federal Government's monetization policies .For state legislators and coucilors,the RMAFC has proposed between 45 to 100 percent of their basic salaries as housing allowances.
Regrettably,this has been the nature of politics and governance in Nigeria,where public service holders indulge in extravagant lifestyles amid general squalor and want.Whatever the basis for this increase might be,the new structure is completely at variance with the general standards of living in the country where the minimum wage is still about $59 {7,500 naira} a month.
Apart from corruption-induced politics,securing public appointment has become the easiest way to instant wealth in Nigeria or in Africa in general.It will be unfortunate if the present Nigerian government continues along the same path when recurrent expenditure of the country gulps more than 80% of the nation's revenue leaving less than 20 % for capital projects and general development.There are better ways that the government could have produced cheaper accommodations for the legislators instead of paying them huge amounts of money to them to be living in luxury hotels in the country, the Nigerian legislators should leave a modest lifestyle just like their counterparts in Europe.The ideas of using bullet-proof cars and spending much money on wardrobe should not even be heard of. They ought to know that more than 80% of Nigerians still live below the average life.
you guys has said it all , , the course is because Nigerians has fraudlent politicans that made people to suffer so much , Nigerians are fraudlent because everyone wants to be like the next door neighbour with big mansion and good cars which is nice but not in fraudlent manner, here in Europe is hard for A person to have the type of houses Nigerian politicans has , how much is your income In year ,but when they came to Europe they will tell Europians that everything is ok in Nigeria , in Europe is hard to know who is rich or poor because the same law apply to everybody but in Nigeria it was different , watch formal police IG last time after all the fraudlent money he got how many years he spend in hospital not in jail, but when you follow it some innocent poor people which did not do anything has been there for years , all their children are studing here in Europe , what stop them From building the best university with oil money , no pawer , no hospital , no road , no house for the poor, no good transport system, no guarantee for peoples life,and still people called them leaders , what a shame
We should re-establish moral instructions (the Law and the Prophets & the Gospel of JESUS) as the foundation of our education so that the graduates of our institutions will have the fear of The Almighty FATHER, which is wisdom; and the knowledge of The Holy, which is the understanding to depart from evil.
In 1976, the government took over missionary schools with the promise of free or subsidised education. Many of us hailed the move then but we are now confronted with the consequences of removing moral training from our education. (Compare the temptation of JESUS in Matthew 4:8-10). I pray that it will not take us another three decades to correct this error.
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is this not an old song?
even abroad, nobody trust any Nigerian, jst introduce urself as a Nigerian, that stigma of fraudsters follows u everywhere.

absolute shame!
My dear what u are saying does,nt make any sence their is no country in the word that has 100% good record/ even an American man can not be proude to say that he is an Americana b/c them Also has many enemy in so many Arab countries they can be killed at any time Mexico People are killed every day / so don,t degrade ur self befor those ur Oyibo pple.
Nigeria has already lost her credibility and Nigeria is taking steps to rectify the issue, Please stay ahead of modern discussions. It's not doing it fast enough, but In Japan where Nigerians are hung for most crimes or deported anywhere else in the world, people are either finding loopholes, or moving back home.


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