Five thugs rape three sisters in brutal s3x attack

In a disturbing case, a group of five armed thugs robbed and raped three sisters in Bulawayo after tying up their brother.

Five Thugs Rape Three Sisters In Bulawayo House In Brutal Sex Attack

Vanguard has learned from online publication Zimlive that the thugs who are yet to be identified pounced on the hapless family in Bulawyo’s Rangemore suburb last Wednesday.

The five bandits who were armed with a small axe and three knives entered the house through a door that was unlocked and caught the victims who were watching television unawares.

They targeted the male victim first. They searched him and robbed him of three mobile phones before tying him up using shoelaces. They then tied up the three women’s hands and feet using more shoelaces.

During this process, they searched the women and robbed one of them of US$10.

Unsatisfied with merely robbing and inflicting terror on the victims, the thugs then untied the three women and took them to the kitchen, where they gang-raped them without using any protection.

After the brutal violation of the sisters, the gang then stole some clothes which were in one of the bedrooms before vanishing into the night.

The horrific incident was confirmed by Bulawayo deputy police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele. She told Zimlive,

“The four complainants are two female adults aged 21 and 19, a female juvenile aged 15 and a male aged 28, all of Upper Rangemore in Bulawayo. The accused persons are five unknown male adults.”

“…the accused persons tied all the complainants’ hands and feet using shoelaces. They searched the first female complainant and took US$10. They untied the three females and force-marched them to the kitchen where they took turns to rape them without protection.”

The women were referred to Mpilo Central Hospital for tests and treatment after they reported their ordeal to the police the following day.

Assistant Inspector Msebele also warned residents to be cautious and to make sure that their doors and gates are secured at night.

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