Starting an exercise routine can be quite intimidating. After registering at a gym , you find yourself wondering where to start , what exercise routine would suit you best and what equipment will help you achieve your fitness goals . How do you know the techniques to use or if you are getting the posture right?
We are here to support you on your health and fitness journey with expert advice that will give you the confidence and information you need to attain your fitness goals .
Here are a few gym tips for beginners:
Get a fitness assessment
Before you start working out or mapping out exercises to do , find a good instructor or do an online assessment to accurately evaluate your current fitness status . This assessment will provide you with the information you need to set fitness goals . As you train toward your goals , it is good to do a follow -up assessment from time to time to show your progress and encourage you to continue to improve your fitness status .
Set a regular workout schedule
Using your fitness assessment , decide realistically the time you’d be able to workout, whether first thing in the morning , during your lunch break or later in the evening . Then plan out time in your schedule to workout. Having a workout schedule helps you form a habit of making exercise a part of your life . This ensures that you start strong and remain consistent in your workout routine . Don ’t forget to factor in the time spent journeying to and from the gym in your schedule .
Have a fitness specialist
During your fitness journey , you may have questions regarding your workout routine . It is important to get a certified fitness specialist to ensure that you are on the right track. They will provide help and assistance to you on your journey either during group exercise classes or personal training sessions . They will also teach you how to use equipment safely and effectively as well as maintain proper form and technique .
Try a group exercise class
Group exercise classes offer a great opportunity to learn new techniques , get motivation from your classmates and try a variety of workout disciplines that are fun and effective . It is good to try them out on your fitness journey . Many gyms have group classes like this , so find and join one.
Reward yourself
The carrot is better than the stick . Plan a fun activity or think of a healthy way to reward yourself after a workout . This will help motivate you to reach your goals . You can plan a workout date with a friend. This way , you will spend quality time with your friends while getting fit at the same time .

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