Five (5) Common Questions To Expect During Undergraduate Project Defense

In higher institutions once undergraduate students’ get to final year, it is expected of them to write project. Project work will require them to make intensive research and come up with a well formulated and articulated project topic and then sort ways to source out materials for their research work. In every research work, a supervisor is usually attached to students to oversee their project work and guide them through it all to come out with a very good research work. After the completion of the research work, the next thing you will do is to defend you research work which tells how well you understand your final year project topic as well as your findings in the research and appropriate recommendations.

However, when it comes to project defense, undergraduate students gets fidgeted and anxious because they are unsure of what to expect or questions to be asked by the defense panel in the defense hall. Some undergraduate students even though they are well prepared and have a very good knowledge of their research topic; they get tensed once they get to the defense hall or are asked certain questions.

Nevertheless, project defense can be very easy contrary to what most students assume or perceive it to be. To have a successful defense project, it is expected that you understand your research topic and have all the firsthand details of your research work before your defense date. During the defense, questions from the defense panel and even your supervisor are expected as such you should be ready for them and be confident as well. The questions asked during defense are to test your knowledge on your research topic and to be sure that you carried out a thorough research to come up with your findings and the conclusions you arrived at as well as feasible recommendations.

Project defense is like an examination because there is mark awarded to it which is very important to students as the mark awarded can either increase or decrease their GDPA. The only difference between a project defense and a general classroom examination is that in this case the students know more than the supervisors’ because that is for those who did an extensive research on their project topic. Some questions will be sincere questions because he/she does not know and expects that the candidate will be able to rectify this. Students often expect questions to be difficult and attacking, and answer them accordingly.

Therefore, it is relatively common that the defense panel will ask one or more questions as regard your research work. It is however, expected that the students answer the questions, and clarifies his/her audience on any doubt they have concerning the findings of the research. Undergraduate students must ensure not to stumble or underperform when asked certain question that is why it is advised to be abreast with your research work and have ideas of possible questions that would be asked of you in the defense hall. However, there is no universal standard method of conducting oral defense. It differs from one institution to another.


Undergraduate project is a research work done by undergraduate students to solve an identified problem and make appropriate recommendations.

Undergraduate research projects can be designed to fit a variety of class constructs and to promote student learning at all levels of undergraduate education. Undergraduate research projects can be student or faculty initiated, and students can either participate in a work in progress or enter a project at its start.


Project defense is a vivid explanation of what your research findings are and the solutions you recommend as regard the problem you identified.



One of the common questions to expect during project defence is your project topic. The defence panel would want to first of all know what your project topic is. Knowing your project topic will give an insight into what they should be expecting form you in your main research work and findings which must before further related to your project topic. You must introduce your project topic first to your defence audience before further explanations into the research work and findings.


Another question you should expect is to explain to the defence panel your project aim. Here you are expected to let in your audience on what your aim or purpose for carrying out the research in the first place. Your project aims and purpose are the “whys and what’s”. Your aim must correlate with your project topic and not unrelated to it.


The defence panel is likely to ask you about the approach you used in achieving your research aims and objectives. The approach can either be primary data such as questionnaires etc. or secondary data such as CBN statistical tools etc. whichever the method or approach you used must be in cognizance with the variables in your research topic.


Another likely question to be asked during your project defence is whether you were able to achieve your aim of the research. The defence panel would want to know if you finally got answers to your questions and finally achieve your aims and purpose for carrying out then research.


Here it is expected that you tell your audience what your findings are. Whatever be the problem that led you to go into research, it is also exacted that you must have gotten all the answers you need and satisfied your curiosity.


In conclusion, undergraduate students should understand that defence is not a death sentence and as such should not panic or get so anxious that they almost or even forget what their research is all about or even their final findings. Defence is all about telling your audience that you understand your research topic and explain to them what your findings are and make appropriate recommendation.

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