First time a project student; here are easy tips to guide you

If you are not taking a second undergraduate degree or perhaps repeating a course, you certainly do not have any business doing a final year project more than the first time. In clearer terms, final year projects are meant to be done once and for all, which also implies that there is only a first and only time for every final year student, all things being equal. Therefore it is necessary to recall the guideline ‘every first time’.

My personal experience as a project student, years ago, shows that drafting your final year project topics and getting them approved is one thing, and it is another to get started already. So here are easy tips to help you open your project file for easy start:-

Choose more than one project topics

The interest gets really high when students scout for new undergraduate project topics because a lot comes to mind. Such factors as the most preferred field of specialization, the easiest project topic to work on, a topic without huge financial input, a topic that  require less complicated research methodology etc.  With all these in mind, you are still embattled with the chances of getting your project topic approved once submitted. So to save yourself the stress, kindly choose more than one project topic, taking time to consider the several areas you have developed keen interest in and ofcourse the underlying factors surrounding the topic in question.

Your ‘statement of problem’ should sound more deliberate than ever

Be deliberate about stating the reasons you want to embark on a research. The more intentional it sounds, the better the chances of getting your final year project topic approved faster.

Check for resource availability

Due to the standard of undergraduate projects, some topics are not allowed to run without a prior research in that regard atleast for reference purposes. To avoid such cases, ensure to check for the availability of resource materials before you make any project topic your choice.

Understanding your project topic is key  

You can’t do more than get confused if you do not understand what the project topics you have chosen require. Always remember that for every project topic, there is a research method and techniques that can work it out – it is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Study your project topic, understand what it takes and that’s the first key you need to unlock the next step.

Now that you are all set

So your mind is prepared, I suppose. Expect more of our starter-kit guidelines, but first, get your mind ready for this task  with these set of tips and your project topic ready aswell then follow up for the next step.

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