Financial crisis dealing with domestic football league

When the legal tussle over who gets the right to be the title sponsors of the Nigeria Premier League resumes in court on Tuesday, the league will have gone for 16 weeks without any form of title sponsorship.

Already, the debts of the league management are mounting, fuelling fears that the league could be heading for an abrupt end because officials handling the matches and logistics say they cannot continue to offer free services, as is currently the case.

It is no secret that most clubs in the Premier League are run by state governments; most of whom are currently enmeshed in politicking as the April elections draws near. The lack of a title sponsor, the major financier of the league, has left the clubs in dire straits.

According to Davidson Owumi, the league boss, who is himself involved in a battle to retain his seat -- it costs the Premier League over N4million each weekend to see that matches go on as scheduled across the country.

“Government does not bring out a kobo for the running of the league. I have taken the best decision for Nigerian football but people have chosen to see it the other way.

“Nigerian football has been comatose for the past few months. We then came in and from nothing we were able to raise the stake to about N2.6bn in six months for the league. How has Owumi committed a blunder here? Where have I gone wrong? Is it a problem or is it a curse that I went out to get sponsors for the league?

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Poor Owumi, you may have stepped on some toes of prominent Nigerians.  But who is the loser?  When two elephants fight, the grasses suffer.  The government should rise to this challenge else our premier league will be down on the turf.

telling the govt what is their duty is what i can not do again,let them do their wish


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