FIFA 19 players have been trying to profit off of Emiliano Sala's disappearance

While the recent disappearance and presumed death of Cardiff City player Emiliano Sala was a devastating tragedy for most, some players of FIFA 19's FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) have been trying to profit off of his disappearance. The Sun reported that some FIFA 19 players have been buying up Sala's player card in FUT and then auctioning it to other players for extortionate prices.fifa coins buy ps4  fifa coins pc  fifa coins reddit  fifa coins xbox one cheap

Before his disappearance, Sala's player card was normally priced at 650 and 800 coins in FIFA's in-game market. In the wake of the tragedy however, those prices have skyrocketed up to 10 thousand coins. The reason for the increase is that Sala's death will make FIFA 19 developer EA Sports pull out his card from being available through packs, thereby draining its supply and boosting its value. Players earn coins in FIFA through winning matches with their team or trading players, managers, kits and crests.

Cardiff had recently signed Sala, who returned to Nantes to bid farewell to his teammates and collect some belongings to take to Wales. He was on board a Piper Malibu plane on his way to Cardiff with one other person, when it lost contact at 8:30 pm near the Casquets lighthouse, off Alderney. The search for the missing player's plane has already been suspended. A similar case occurred with similar real-life tragedies in the past, such as the Chapecoense plane crash in November 2016 and when Davide Astori died. Many among the FIFA community were understandably furious with the shameless profiteering by other players.

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