FG need supports from NGOs to provide ASUU, tertiary education with needs

If quality Education must strive, then we must learn not to rely solely on the government especially if the government is such that pays little attention to quality education and intellectual development.

As schools set to reopen, the Federal government of Nigeria is faced with protest from the Academic  Staff Union of Universities, ASUU over a situation  we may consider a bridge of agreement. Following recent trends, it is obvious that ASUU members are facing hard times and not finding it cool with the FG of Nigeria following neglect and sheer insensitivity to the needs of university Education.


Recall that ASUU had earlier gone on strike, March 2020, putting a hold to academic activities even before the pandemic stuck. We can hardly count the many times this has happened,  but it turns out each time pushing undergraduates and all their academic activities backward. So one is left to reconsider and imagine that government as a stand-alone entity may not be able provide the many needs for quality university education; but with supports from Non-governmental organisations, the education prospects are achievable

More of collaborative efforts like Rosula and Igbenedion’ exchange programmes will change the game

Religious bodies like churches as well as humanitarian foundations have been at the corner, lending arms to both primary, secondary and university education across Nigeria. But recently, The Rosula foundation is offering something big  that will benefit a larger sector of the economy.

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Igbenedion University, Okada, in Edo state has finally concluded negotiations to collaborate in an exchange  programme with Rosula foundation. They intent to “jointly set up a business school where chief executives and senior level managers of public, private and corporate organisations would  e able to acquire postgraduate degree and certification in management courses”.

With such interventions seasonally or a larger scale,  a wave of burden is lifted from the shoulders of the FG. Nigeria is large enough to be catered for alone by the government without lapses especially when we talk of quality education. The consistent protest arising from ASUU every season is a clear indicator that there are more needs to be met than the government alone can provide.

Talking about the best universities with almost perfect learning facilities are owned by private organisations with even strong management paradigms, that alone rings a louder bell. But then we only have to worry about the poor and vulnerable, who are left at the mercy of outcomes from FG vs ASUU negotiations and disagreement.

But here is a wake-up call to humanitarians, NGOs and private organisations to support with impactful services  such as education scholarship schemes, empowerment and other humanitarian acts for the sake of poverty elevation and crime rate reduction.


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