Almost everything in life is “stoppable.” Even gravity can be suspended temporarily. But one part of life cannot be stopped by us. And that is TIME. Right now, as you read these words, time is marching on. But it doesn’t march without a purpose. There is another reason: stewardship like everything we have –life, breath, and material goods. The stove purchase by Federal Government is misplace of priority and think of it how many women in rural areas would be able to buy kerosene to cook with this stove. Trust me most of the stoves would not get to the point of distribution but be found in the market. The bottom line and true purpose of the 9.2 billion purchase of stove is for political reasons for the forthcoming election. This election period is the time tells those who purchase 9.2 billion stoves that enough is enough, we are all gate keeper.

Ayodele Fashemi

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