Federal Government On National Identity Card Project Again!

After the huge sum spent for national ID project that didn't end well and most pple was unable to get their own including my humble self the Federal Government has again revisit the issue from the scratch to spent another huge sum.
What do u think?

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We hope it is not going to be like the previous one. That one was  day light robbery.

 I think they will succeed this time around especially when we've all known the value of the card. I also didn't get my own card then and I have been giong through hell with my bankers because I dont have any of national identity card, international passport as well as driver licence. The issue of criminal activities like Boko Haram can also be properly checked if everybody carries his or her national identity.
Let us believe they will not allow the mistakes of the past to be repeated this time around. 
This is mean of making money. There's no two where' about it.
My broda, they are only trying to settle some of there Gog fathers....


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