The Federal Executive Council is sending some delegates to S'Arabia on Yar'Adua's health status. What do you think? Is it necessary and will they ever come with a result or is this not the usual politricking?

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Before they take off to Saudi Arabia, they should just be reminded that Ogbulafor and his entourage spent six days in the same country without success. i wonder what gives them the assurance that they will succeed. By the way, have they fooled themselves enough? Were they not the same people who were feeding the nation with lies that they were in constant touch with the president and that he was responding to treatment? Well, I wish them safe journey to and fro Saudi Arabia but I know certainly that it is going to be another jamboree.
It is a long over due step, but the question is will the truth about the presidents health be revealed at the end the day?
They are just prolonging the inevitable. The guy was on life support since Nov last year. They must have been speaking to his ghost. My brothers and Sisters, we have been held hostage by a bunch of power hungry sychophants, that have looted the funds and carry on looting the wealth of this nation. Yaradua did not sign the budget. He cannot even recognise his wife let alone signing a budget.
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