Use exfoliating loofahs to boost Lucent Skin Anti Aging Cream Review circulation and lymphatic system. Exfoliation can be done with a body brush or a hand mitt in long sweeping movements on the affected area, working in the direction of the heart for 3- 5 minutes. Loofah dissolves cellulite. To make loofah scrub: Mix 1-2 drops each of lemon oil and fennel seed oil in a vegetable scrub. Make a paste by adding water; rub with soft brush gently to avoid scraping your skin. Generally speaking youth is really appreciated in our society. Wrinkles and other signs of aging are just not acceptable. We prefer to look at skin that looks shiny and new. There are so many products that are geared toward skin repair and rejuvenation that it gets confusing when trying to make a choice. Many of the products that are on the market are chock full of chemicals, that peel the skin away to reveal new wrinkle free skin. There are plenty of surgical choices as well that are extremely invasive and can result in tons of complications, none of which are pretty.

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