'Facebook banned me for 30 days for using this word'

A social media user has lamented over the ban placed on his Facebook account after going against the social networking giant's community standards.

Five names Facebook banned: Phuc Dat Bich was actually making a valid point about unusual names - Mirror Online

According to him, he was banned for 30 days for using the word 'clown' against a fellow user.

Taking to Nairaland, he wrote;

"Who is not scared of commenting with Facebook's way of restricting accounts.

"The thing is that Facebook has no competitor at the moment. When they ban you, you can't write to them unlike YouTube. Even Nairaland has a mail supermods where you can explain yourself out. But Facebook you just have to swallow the ban for the 30 days period.

"I wish Seun can start doing adverts and upgrading this nairaland with features like posting videos, deleting threads, making the follow button important etc. Mehn who is not tired of Facebook right now.

"Someone was banned for only using the word clown. I have been banned on Facebook unfairly countless times if there was a section to write back it wouldn't have been. If Facebook bans you can't express yourself."

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