Face of culture World pays a courtesy visit to Amassoma Kingdom.

Day in, Day out, we are slowly losing our cultural heritage to the western culture. We choose certain outfits, festivals, life styles over our own practices. Our children may never know or experience this rich culture we have.  We are eager to adopt the western culture in every decision we make. What we don't understand is we might one day wake up losing who we are. Our culture is who we are, it is what differentiate us from the rest of the world. We are all victims of cultural recession. That is why face of culture Queens want you, everybody to start loving and embracing our own identity. It all starts with you and I. Join us at the valentine fiesta. A night full of excitement,  a night were we share b views on what must be done to fix this problem,  a night were we celebrate our culture. A night to promote our rich heritage. Join us!!!!!!!  Be there.

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HRM Queen Rosemary has admonished the audience at the maiden edition of Melanin Magic (an all girls empowerment program) to look beyond the outward appearance while defining the beauty of an individual as true beauty transcends the physical and concentrates more in the heart and soul. Speaking as a guest speaker at the occasion, she acknowledged the potentials of MAGIC as a powerful platform in transforming lives and suggested that similar programs be created to promote the empowerment of the girl- child, a crucial issue screaming for urgent attention. Queen Rosemary further expressed heartfelt gratitude to her management team for offering her the rare privilege to serve as an inspiration to other girls. She also thanked God for blessing her as a motivational force to be reckoned with

Face of culture World pays a courtesy visit to Amassoma Kingdom. Face of culture world HRM Queen Rosemary payed a courtesy visit to the kings council in Amassoma kingdom were she formally presented herself to her people has a Queen outlining her pet projects . she went on to appreciate the people of Amassoma who she said made her the well cultured lady she is today. His Royal Majesty King Nnengi Sogo the Amananowei of Amassoma expressed his joy as one of their daughter made them proud, he explained saying Queen Rosemary has done the right thing by coming to celebrate her people and his council is behind her. Queen Rosemary further explained of how it was a priority to visit her people and hopes she remains an inspiration to young girls in the community.

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