God has been kind to most users of the Aba-Port Harcourt express road, The only link between River State and Abia state, but it has not been so for so many who has fallen victims of a deadly armed gang that has terrorized the axis since the year, and those that met their untimely deaths through the pot holes.
Talking about the armed gang I get so confused that these group have pepetrated their kidnapps and robberies brasenly inspite of the so many road blocks. As you travel along the road one would be amazed and infact encouraged by the Police and Military Check Points that are a kilometer apart from each other. You will begin to wonder where and how these level of criminality can be carried out along the route. This has left so many questions unaswered in the minds of so many people. The issue is that we need to find out what the presence of these check points are: mere window dressing or to count the number of vehicles passing the express road. Local name for the road is "Saudi Arabia Road", only the commuters and the transporters will decode that name.
If linked with Saudi Arabia, one will wonder why the number of pot holes along the road have turned into death traps as if allowed on purpose to slow down road users and get the criminals the opportunity to swoop on them. What is happening? Can somebody tell Nigerians!!!!.

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May God help....


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