At last, the real cause of war between former Nollywood best pals turned sworn enemies, Oge Okoye and Chioma Toplis is finally revealed.

As gathered, the misunderstanding started when Chioma friends who stayed in her house in her absence took her generosity for granted and kept her home untidy.

It was said that one of them was the person of Oge Okoye,who packed used plates and dirty things in Chioma’s kitchen and left them unwashed, while her(Chioma’s) husband who wasn’t comfortable with the development complained terribly and stated that he didn’t want to see Oge near his house again.

Behind him, Oge and Chioma were said to have reconciled their differences again and the British born actress went back to Chioma’s house. Before she could blink her eyes, another serious trouble kicked-off between them when Oge could not stay in her house to deliver her second child, as Chioma’s house help had a child in her house within the same period.

The light skin top actress was said to have moved in with her friend who was living close to Chioma and delivered her child there.

Oge was unknowingly to her not happy and traveled to meet her husband in Holland after getting her son’s visa without informing Chioma, who had traveled to Nigeria.

We were informed that serious misunderstanding ensued between Chioma and her hubby when the UK based white man heard that Oge is talking in the pages of newspaper against his wife who he has warned to stay away from her.

According to the source, the actress who enjoys shuttling between London and Nigeria, has not known peace in her marriage and has chosen to spend more of her time in Nigeria.

Chioma we gathered has decided to leave her husband and children in London, have settled in Nigeria for some time now where they claim that she hustles for money to take care of herself.

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I am not interested.

Its their lives, afterall we too have enemies, but who cares on how it came to be.
I wonder why it should become an issue.

Okolobah Efe Michael said:
Its their lives, afterall we too have enemies, but who cares on how it came to be.


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