Explosions rock Abuja kill 8, injure 5

An online report has just reported that a loud explosion, probably involving two vehicles, has occurred in the central district of Abuja,
the federal capital. The area is about 10 minutes away from the Eagles
Square venue of the Nigeria at 50 celebration. There are unconfirmed
reports of some deaths in the incident.

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>Nigeria>Always sad stories:

Scam,corruption,419,Prostitution,Kidnapping,Armed robbery,Ritual murder;the list goes on.

Nigeria was once,a country one will be proud to call a country,Giant of Africa,now the Dwarf of Africa,the disgrace to Black race.

Setting of Bomb to kill innocent brothers and sisters,is not the best way in solving crisis.

The dead,the injured are innocent brothers and sisters like the miss-guided bombers,who are been used by some Nigerian Hawks who are bent in causing chaos,disgrace and destabilization in this once a united and great Africa country=Nigeria,now a world disgrace.

The common man on the street,should unite to fight the ills that befell their country.

PDP lead government,who have no regards for Nigerians,when four of their members were connected in the pocketing of sixteen Billion US dollars meant for power stations for Black out Nigeria.

This matter have been swept under the carpet,the sixteen billion dollars gone to private accounts in Europe.

The Speaker of the house,was involved in stealing nine billion Naira=seventy million dollars,he ordered his supporters to attack and beat up the people who are exposing him.

The same PDP lead government wants Nigerians to vote for them?

Stealing is now an open sesame in Nigeria,where the money stolen is broadcast to the Nigerian public to be aware of emerging Nigerian millionaires,Billionaires on the blood of other Nigerians.

Prostitution among Nigeria women is over ninety percent,the highest in the World.

Crime,is open Sesame in Nigeria,where people take pride of their criminal achievements.

These can be minimized,stopped and make the culprits to live in fear,as they are publicly known,rather causing Terrorism by few disgruntled elements through bombing,religion fundamentalism.

Nigerians be united in one stance to fight the Monsters within,not bombing your innocent brothers and sisters.
well some Nigerians say it is a sign of insecurity and lack of concern from the government because those militants had said it that they are going to carry such dangerous actions, but to most Nigerians it is unfortunate thing happens to our country, I am seriously disturb about this development because it send many innocent citizens to their early graves as well as painted the country black to the rest of the world. For Mr. President's statement to be taken serious something urgently must be done to address this issue, if the government failed to address this issue by punishing whoever found wanting, then president should forget his dream of ruling the country come 2011.
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