Explosions rock Abuja kill 8, injure 5

An online report has just reported that a loud explosion, probably involving two vehicles, has occurred in the central district of Abuja,
the federal capital. The area is about 10 minutes away from the Eagles
Square venue of the Nigeria at 50 celebration. There are unconfirmed
reports of some deaths in the incident.

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Too bad, who are those enemies of President GoodLuck, who are those enemies of Nigeria peaceful election, PDP must give an answer to this.
Since 50 years now no such things oh northerns, oh northerns.
Ms Joyce IROKA
Its a shameful for whoever is responsible for this.Their plan to cause anarchy in this country will never come 2 pass
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Its very funny that accusing fingers are pointed at MEND. Its clear who the evil actors of this deed are; and its up to government to fish them out and punish them. The Presidency is not anybody's birthright or personal belonging. So all these recycled elements who forgot one or two things in Aso Rock (or Dodan Barracks) years ago should leave them there. Afterall, its also a form of sacrifice.
its shameful,i meant.Typographical error regreted
If the claim by MEND is true that it was responsible for the car bomb explosion, then it means the movement has lost direction. This attack will definetely earn the organisation more enemies. we hope it will not snowllball into more crisis. MEND should join hands with Presient Jonathan - their kinsman and other Nigerians towards directing the country to the parth of justice and development. violent destruction of the lives of innocent people is not the way to go about. also, the movement should give the amnesty program by the FG time to work. it is a process that require deligence and time
God,save Nigeria!
This is not what we are celebrating,explosions are fowl cry,this scare nobody,even if Dele Giwa had one that never stop nigerians from knowing the path of the truth,i refuse to believe that MEND is responsible.May the labour of our hero past never be in vain.
Agreed, there are alot of frustrations and sufferings in the nation.
The mis-management by past Military dictators and the politicians, the state of nation at the age of 50yrs.
but bombs and anarchy are not the solutions, dat will put d nation back anoda 50yrs.

the only way forward is to elect credible leaders, denounce sycophancy of any kind.
choose people who truly will put us in the right track, not bombs.
Where do we go from here? I am not sure of MEND claims, dat they are responsible for d attack.jonny boy should look into dis calamity.GOD BLESS NIGERIA.
well may almight eliminate those virus we call our leaders....shame to them, they ll never sucide ....amen
no matter what they do nigeria must survive our prayers will never be in vain.


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