Nigeria vs Agentina int'l friendly dat shal comes up on 1-6-2011.Absent of Messi,Tevez & other big names in Agentina squrd.Do U prefer d exclussion or inclussion of d big names?

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Am nt hpy whn i heard dt messi, tevex nd others argentina players wil b absent especially world best lionel messi, bt nt withstanding i cnt wait 2 c d day.
It may be one of the tricks of Argentina to catch us unawares.  Let's just watch out.
Nd is true, bt God go pass dia power since is friendly match nt tournament. Bt i wil b vry hpy if we won d match.
The game is just a friendly and there will be no motivation on the part of the players and the revenue derived from the gate fee will be low...everyone want to see the big names like messi, tevez and the rest of the boys to give fun.....without them the match is just a foolish display of soccer fair play for instance if Nigeria defeat Argentina people will say that it is because messi and the others were not on the field....Argentna really underrate Nigeria that is why they want to exclude their key players............NFF should council the match if am in their shoes....................


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