NECO have shown its inability to
conduct a credible examination.
Wanting to standardize the body
through unwholesome channel.
Thus equalizing her conduct with
'Baba Ijebu'.
Should passing exam be a thing
of Lucky??
Why should you behead yourself
towards eliminating headache?
If he no be 'panadol'; he no fit be
like 'panadol'.
Mass failure will only destabilize,
and not enabling your body
reflect its standard of credibility,
and retention of quality, within
and outside its country of origin.
Um! I laugh;
My pen is short of ink, said Mr. Marker.
Ah! I laughter;
No power supply while marking
their script. Said Mrs.
Ye pa! I laughtest;
Ojo: The work no pay at all. Our social studies teacher gave us some exam script to mark at the
rate of 50kobo each. Ojo: No
marking guide o o!
Ojo: I just give everybody 'o o ju'
zero. As I no see Nuclear and
Polygamous family.
What excuse have you gotten??

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