Ex. Zamfara State Governor Senator Yerima Ahmed Sanni marry 13 years old girl(minor).

Kindly advise Senator Ahmed Sanni former gov. Zamfara State to return the little girl to their parents or he should marry her to his son instead of him. The House response is awaited.

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OMEIZA pls go and sleep Islam is not a thing that u can play with and go free so let everyody knw that he is a god muslim and 1999 constitution a g hm the right to practice his religion. pls if sometins is against ur religion or culture try n leave it to the owner. so jimoh dont be hut he is a muslim.
Ade pls let us stop making ourslf what Yorobcaled ODE, let us aquent oursf with our nation law b4 making any comment on issue like dis. pls go and read ur consttion. knw more

Its a shame that up till the time i am making this comment, nothing tangible has been done about this issue. Its a shame to the government of Nigeria and a shame to us as people that somebody can circumvent our laws with impunity and go away it. How dishonarable could one be. It is even a bigger shame that Yerima could still be allowed to sit in that hallowed chamber of the National Assembly and still be referred to as a senator. That goes a long way to tell the world the kind of people we are. It shows that "our looters" (for that's what i know them to be) are above the law and cannot be hold accountable for their actions and inactions. I reside in an Islamic country despite being a christian and i have never heard or seen a situation where anyone of these muslim guys has given out minor or seek the hands of minors in marriage. Is it not from these Arab guys that we copied these religions (be it Islam or Christianity)? Why do we have to know the religion more than those who actually introduced the religion? Anything these rogues do, they try to justify them in the name of religion.Yerima, Islam does not preach dirty things. Shame on You, shame on president of Nigeria, shame on National Assembly and the house of representative members that has failed to do anything concrete up till now. I look forward to a day when someone too will approach Yerima to ask for the hands of one of his daughters below 15 years in marriage. I want to see how he would react. Shameless he-goat.
Hura Hamza

i am a muslim even good one, how can u marry somebody like that of age of that Egyptian girl
let do thing right, there are many ladies who are mature for marriage not that of little girl of your daughter's age.



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