This is absolutely free and very easy; all you need is Internet facility…. I have Been using this
system for some time now and i can make up to $800  per day, I will be showing you how to make unlimited cash with your liberty reserve account and a perfect money account. I will try to make it as short as possible, but clear. Just like every other business, your interest and seriousness counts, start making your own earnings online its free


firstly you have to create two account accounts, liberty reserve and perfect money.

*To open a liberty Reserve Account its free go to
*To open a Perfect Money Account its free go to


secondly you have to fund your liberty reserve account  with $20 (example)

To fund or Withdraw money from your Liberty Reserve account go to
or, or google  any reliable one close to you.

LR Means liberty reserve and PM Means Perfect money . when you login your perfect money account by the right hand side, you will see three accounts.U1234567($),E1234567(£), G1234567(Troy. oz),in your Perfect money account by the right hand side U1234567($) means dollar currency, andthe E1234567(£) means Euro Currency, and G1234567(Troy. oz) Means gold grams value.


it is the USD($) account number example  (U1234567)  in the perfect money account you will use while making exchange, and not the ID itself.
This is How to make money from the currency exchanger



(1). To earn from currency exchange Go to  and exchange(EXAMPLE) $50 from your Liberty Reserve account to your Perfect Money account.Note @ Softxchange  $1 LR->$1.28 PM,      so $50LR-> $64 PM.

Next step  :  you go to   or    and     re-exchange $64 PM------>$61.32 LR   
that means   you have made a profit of $11.32 to your LR account with your $50LR.
your LR account balance is now $61.32

(2). Repeat the exchange process from LR---->PM, and PM--->LR continuously because the more you exchange
between liberty Reserve to perfect money the more you earn. 10 times of exchange or about one hour the clear
profit will be more than $100 and above depending on your Capital.

You can always increase your capital, because the more money you exchange the faster u make your cash. I can make up to 800 USD per day. doing up to 25 exchange per hour. But there is also no harm in starting small.
To Withdraw money from your Liberty Reserve account go to
or, or any reliable one close to you.
and sell to them, they will credit your local bank account within few hour.

"The only place where success comes before work is the Dictionary."
*This blog is just for illustration purpose the amount you see there can be varied depending on  your ability and capability
*How much money you make depends on your capital and the amount of time you put into this venture.



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