Estate management as a research to investment lead for final year project students

The basic human needs, clothing, food and shelter depends solely on land and the resources which proceeds from it thus making land not just enough entity for research but also a very lucrative investment lead. Estate management project topics of recent research focuses attention on making comfort a reality and even more an investments; being a major area of concern, undergraduates will intrigue me madly if they cease estate management as just a field trip for their research project but also as a earns of livelihood.

Undergraduates particularly final year students of Estate management are fascinated to save rather than invest; they find it difficult to decipher when to save, when to invest and when to spend. That’s a wrong approach to facing life after school as a graduate of Estate management; but not to worry ‘cos there are just few but significant leads below to help you make a positive move towards investment after choosing and doing a research project in Estate management.

Lucrative investment leads for Estate management final year students/graduates

As an undergraduate, doing business will only keep your wallet heavy but investment is a promise of sustainability for tomorrow; so don’t inter-switch business and investment. The one and only investment lead of our time is to invest in assets that appreciate with time.

Which of assets will be affordable to students, fresh graduates of estate management and sundry


You may not have gathered enough financial resources to purchase a piece of land in the city as a student but you may be fortunate enough to purchase one that the proximity is closer to town. Land can be quite expensive in some places especially big and popular cities but on the average at some locations. You may not have enough to pay at once but you can collaborate to do so or even do it in installment with a trusted person. So collaboration works it.

If the land is close to a city, it means development is coming to that neighborhood soon. The overflow from the city will gradually shift into the remote places making your investment ripe for harvest though it may time some years.

Durable food stuffs

If you can’t invest directly in purchasing a piece of land, you can invest on proceeds from it. It is even better to invest on the durable ones like rice, melon, dry pepper, soy beans, beans and these seasonal crops. Buy them when they are freshly harvested and sell it when the price is high.

Estate management and its income require strategic planning and timing for profitability; from lands to houses, to rents, regional planning and construction. These are high sounding words for undergraduates and it was necessarily we strike a lead from the grass root especially for estate management final year students.  

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