if usa blacklist my nation i too i will blacklist them.i condemn the action of mutallab but it s not ll nigerian united nation wil blacklist.i too i say usa a terrorism nation i dont cre cos is tic for tac

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I am happy to see the extent of your patriotism. However, the truth is that Nigeria and its government insulted their nation way before the U.S did. A country that has been without a president or acting president for two months is more of an insult than the blacklisting. Speaking about blacklisting, why are we up in arms with this action? We are the only country in the world where the lines for U.S visas are formed at 3:00AM. Our government is the only government in the world that encourages its citizens to seek greener pastures abroad. The only opportunities that exist for Nigerian youths are kidnapping for ransom and armed robbery. These are acts of terrorism too. Or, is it not because it is done against Nigerians? How come our government has not taken any serious action to give the youths opportunities to survive and thrive in their own country? While it is important that we remain patriotic to Nigeria, it is more important that we hold our leaders accountable for their actions and be informed to avoid blind patriotism.
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