For the past fewer weeks in Nigeria, there have been an ongoing brouhaha on the need to end police brutality, as youths match from street to street, town to town, state to state and also from one social media platform to another, with the chants and praises of End SARS and End SWAT due to indiscriminate killing of innocent young men; feigned charges upon citizens; and unlawful abuses on the fundamental human rights of the citizens orchestrated by some bad elements in the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).

However, in the recent protests by the Nigerian youths to achieve a new revolution under the banner of 'End SARS and End SWAT my attention has been drawn to some inhumane activities and violence practices alleged to be orchestrated by the Nigeria government in bid to reduce the momentum of the revolution, with the fear that the protests can lead to the impeachment of President Mohammed Buhari.

From recent reports, we can see how the protest has been hijacked by political thugs said to be paid by the government to vandalised properties and lives; release prisoners, kill protesters, and cause a total mayhem which in-turn we create an avenue for the federal government to declare a state of emergency to all nooks and crannies of the country which will directly aid to reduce the intensity of the protest, of which all the havoc done by the political thugs will be placed on the well-meaning protesters that stand against brutality and oppression.

Nevertheless, this is a clarion call to the masses to re-strategise the format on how to protest since the present format is taking another turn, and this also a wake-up call to all Nigeria youths for us not to slumber because of the recent violent outburst, but to devise another medium in which our revolution will be achieved.

On a whole, I beseech the masses to avoid any form of violent displays and play safe while we achieve our aims and goal of the ongoing protest that has traded-off with the lives of some of our loved ones. God bless us all, stay safe!

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