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B649/13 Umweni Vs Ena Umweni at the High court Benin City 10/07/2019

...The embattled Nosakhare Isekhure confesses not being the Okaegbe of the Ihogbe royal family in court under cross examination..after taking the oath with a piece of iron nail cutter to the god of iron he told the court in his words...

it's a mistake am the chairman of ihogbe n' ore not Ihogbe royal family..

Further cross examination comes up on the 23rd of Oct 2019..
It has always been a known fact that the ihama was the leader of the ihogbe royal family..

End of matter..a case of a meddlesome interloper..the Umweni Osagie family has nothing to do with Nosakhare our relationship to Ihogbe is directly with the Ihama...

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