The electric fence serves as a physical access control measure, that makes use of electric shock to prevent intruders from crossing a boundary. The voltage contained in this shock could lead to death when in contact with bare skin. The fence creates an electrical circuit when touched by a person and a high voltage pulse is generated and sent to the person’s body, by a component called power energizer causing an electric shock.

Most homeowners in Nigeria today are not security conscious, as they build houses worth several million and do little in securing their investments properly, such should not be the case especially in areas that lack proper security measures. Installing an electrical fence adds an extra layer of security to your home, as it is reliable and also serves as a deterrent to intruders.

Some of the features include;

  • Mental & physical intruder deterrent
  • Shock, voltage & short circuit monitoring
  • Cut & climb monitoring
  • Controller continuous monitoring
  • Interfaces with standard security equipment
  • High decibel Alarm system

Components of an Electric Fence

  • Battery (preferably 12v leisure battery)
  • Energiser
  • An earth stake or spike
  • Polywire, galvanised wire, rope, tape or netting
  • Posts and/or insulators

Types of Electric Fence

  1. Piggyback: A piggyback electric fence is attached to an existing mesh or wire, adding another layer of security to the existing perimeter barrier.
  2. Wall top: These are the most commonly used electric fence in Nigeria, they are mounted on existing walls.
  3. Stand Alone: Stand-alone electric fences are installed in place of a wall as the sole perimeter barrier.

Benefits of Having an Electric Fence

  1. Durability: Once installed, security fences can last a period of 15 years minimum, with proper maintenance.
  2. Ease of Installation & Movement: Electric fence installations are easy when you have professional hands to handle such a project, they can also be moved to a different location if need be.
  3. Reliable: The fence is hard to bypass as any contact with it generates a shock pulse, which will deter the intruder from carrying out their plans. Tampering with the fence also triggers an alarm system to alert the homeowners.
  4. Deterrent: The fence is used by car dealers, government buildings, estates, warehouses, offices, and homes. When intruders see such security measures it discourages them mentally and physically which automatically excludes you from their target list.
  5. Pocket-Friendly: The cost of installing an electric fence is relatively low, compared to how much you will spend on retaining security guards for your home or office.

The electric fencing security system provides you with the ultimate protection for your properties, it also comes at very affordable rates. Contact trivestgroup on +234-802-230-6494 or forward a mail to [email protected] for all your electric fence installation needs today.

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