Election in Nigeria and Shame To a Failed State

SHAME TO NIGERIA:They could not conduct credible Election,meaning?No Democracy.

Is a shame to Nigeria,that they cannot rules themselves,hence Inability of the Ruling Juntas who are still there through the Support of Christian Nations' during the Nigerian civil war.

The recent election in Nigeria is a shame to the ruling juntas,to the ignorant Nigerians,whose objectives in life:Sex and Alcohol.

A country where Prostitution is a family pride,encouraged by their Parents not minding health risks that are involved and stood over ninety percent amongst the Nigeria Women.

A country where stealing,robbery,fraud is cheered at.

Delta state,Benue State,Rivers State,Bayelsa State,Akwa Ibom State even the Presidential election in Nigeria was rigged.

The ruling PDP government installed their machinery(INEC,)Independent electoral commission,the commission appointed by them for election purposes,with instruction to rig and pretends to the world,that there is credible ,free and fair election in Nigeria?

Nigeria,cannot rule themselves.

There was no free and fair election in the Nigeria last Presidential,Governorships and others in the just concluded election in Nigeria.

The Independent Electoral commission in Nigeria,adopted another system,what they called collation centres,where the final ballots papers? are counted,results declared,apart from the result declared on the day of the election,which still stands as invalid.

At the Collation centres,Nigeria mathematics is applied:Fake voter's card are added to the Candidate that gives them more money,with ballot papers taken in people room to be thumb printed by one person thousand times,or as much as he could carry.

Nigeria,is the most corrupt country in the World,the most criminalized country in the World,headquarter for Scam,now the Military is been introduced into corrupt machinery's;dangerous precedents,that leads to Anarchy,insecurity,Armed robbery and law less nes

No election in Nigeria,the leaders are been forced on them.

Nigeria,needs world attention to help this backward and crumbling Nation,controlled by backward Islamic Oligarchs.

enin Monday, May 02, 2011

The gubernatorial standard bearer of the Nigeria Conscience Party (NCP) in the just concluded election in Delta State, Mr. Collins Eselemo, yesterday in Benin gave a blow by blow account of how the governorship election in the state was rigged.

He also disclosed how one of his coordinators was hacked to death in the process at Ojobo in Burutu Local Government Area when he tried to resist the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) rigging machine in the area.

Speaking to journalists in the Edo State capital, Eselemo specifically revealed how the election was rigged in Bomadi, Burutu and Warri North Local Government Areas of the state by electoral officers, who he said, were aided by the military, masquerading as men of the Joint Military Taskforce (JTF).

He described the governorship election in Delta State as a sham and monumental failure, adding that it was unfortunate that what took place in the state was the dislocation of the people’s franchise at a time right thinking Nigerians were tasking themselves on how to better the lives of the people.

Giving instances where he witnessed the monumental rigging of the election, Eselemo alleged that a former minister took electoral materials meant for his area to his house, locked the gate and made sure that nobody was allowed in and allegedly thumb printed the ballot papers.

He further alleged that electoral materials were also moved from Burutu South, Bomadi and Warri North to Okpokunu in Burutu Local Government Area to thumb print ballot papers and write the results of the election from the aforementioned local government areas, alleging that the PDP stalwarts and electoral officers, who connived with them to commit the electoral fraud, were escorted there by the military in twin engine boats.

He disclosed that his coordinator for the riverine local governments in the state, Mr. Dennis, was axed to death at Ojobo when he tried to resist the alleged electoral fraud, adding that his body was still lying at the Bomadi General Hospital mortuary.

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I guess you are among those who unleashed the mayhem that claimed many lives and properties in the North.  If not. I wonder why you should in your widest immagination write this trash in the name of article against your country.

I believ you ought to know,that some particular area of the country who are not organized culturally and cvilization because of money put us into this mess.


They remained how ever on self marginalization because of lack of their foresights.


They remain the first to criticise,just to be vocal,and be heard.


According to C T Quinn Young,the Yorubas remained the most organized Tribe in Nigeria.


A Yoruba leader:Chief Obafemi Awolowo,brought free education to the Western region which includes:Delta,Edo,which still remain Western region.


The first Television station,first radio station,first modern Stadium in Nigeria,West Africa is located in Ibadan Western Nigeria.


While enlightened,organized and civilized people were  busy giving free education and installing all these.


Their Contemporaries were busy building market stalls.


Please,read a follow up to this message,digest it and get documented evidence from an Eye Witness in Delta state,before commenting.


I will never be a Thief nor a party to Un-civilized acts of Backwardness and Barbarism.


We should be telling our selves the truth,than pretends to be Good.



Arrant nonsense, What proof do you have or you are just speculating out of your myopic and limited sense of resaoning.
Apparently i think you should be ignored for this your audacious, blatant, blunt rubbish, Nigeria my country, which am proud of is not as bad as you paint it.
He should be examind thoroughly incase he has problem upstairs.

Okolobah Efe Michael said:
Arrant nonsense, What proof do you have or you are just speculating out of your myopic and limited sense of resaoning.
Apparently i think you should be ignored for this your audacious, blatant, blunt rubbish, Nigeria my country, which am proud of is not as bad as you paint it.


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