Here,in Anambra state,the election acreditation was going smoothly until the PM Receive a call dat the ballot paper sent in imo state was fake,and theirfore,the election is cancel. I wonder if dat was the real problem or is there more to it.

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So what action are you proposing?

We have been through all of it before. You know what, I am actually re-watching the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia right at this minute! If the Peoples want Power, they MUST have it and you can start by simple Civil Disobedience! No one can claim I am doing this for selfish reasons because I do not need anything from Nigeria and neither do my children and later my grandchildren since they were all born and will be born in Europe!


I am doing this because I want the best for Nigeria and I want to return to Africa and rest my weary body after years of slavery (paid but hard work and exploitation) in the western world! I tried to return home but they did not like my work ethic. They expected me to hold down a business (contracting) while in the employ of the government!


So my friend, this is not about me, it is about you and your children and future grandchildren. The struggle MUST START now and the ingredients for change are there right now - corruption, failed election, unfulfilled promises, etc.! 


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