By Ben Efe
Once again, the Eagles fell short of expectations at the Nations Cup as they failed to hold out against Egypt in their group C opening match yesterday.

The Pharaohs roared past a Nigerian team that lacked the power to maintain their earlier lead.Chinedu Ogbuke-Obasi had put the Eagles ahead in 12 minutes after both sides struggled to have a foothold on the game. The Egyptians showed that they were determined to make a bright start to their campaign as they forced their way into the Eagles half. Mohammed Zidane forced two saves from Vincent Enyeama.

The Eagles defence, featuring Mohammed Yusuf and Taye Taiwo at the flanks, Joseph Yobo and Obinna Nwaneri at the centre appeared solid, but as the game progressed they seemed to lose strong character and that was the Eagles’ undoing.

The Nigerian bench were hopeful that the 4- 3-3 approach to the game was ideal. Ogbuke and Yakubu Aiyegbeni playing behind Uche Kalu. Ogbuke-Obasi turned out to be the only potent force up front as John Obi Mikel, Yusuf Ayinla and Dickson Ethuhu struggled to cope with the Egypt’s Faithi and Emad Moteeb in the middle.

Obasi-Ogbuke gave Nigerian some confidence when he picked up the ball on the right flank, just outside the penalty area, sped past Mohamed Fathallah, turning the full-back inside out and then unleashed a venomous drive that fizzed past Essan El Hadari.

Egypt fought back with all vigor and they were rewarded with the equaliser in the 31 minute after Uche had missed a chance to increase the tally. A fast counter-attack set loose Moteeb who raced down unchallenged and put the ball past on-rushing Enyeama.

After the break the Egyptians stepped up their game even as Mikel wasted scoring opportunities, while Yakubu was nowhere near the tick of action. Ahmed Hassan made it two forEgypt on the 53rd minute after Taiwo turned his back to the Egyptian’s shot, Enyeama watched with horror as the deflected ball slid into the net.

Coach Shaibu Amodu, hoping for some revival, brought on Obinna Nsofor for Uche, while Nwankwo Kanu came in for Mikel, but these changes had no effect on the game as the Pharaohs dominated the game.

Moteed rounded off the game for the Eagles after he robbed Kanu of ball. The Egyptian picked his spot and shot low past Enyeama in the 85th minute to confirm the prediction made by soccer pundits that Egypt would blow Nigeria away.

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Not surprised. You cant reap where you did not sow.
they f***** up.
Bros, it`s an ailing country, Nigeria
Ailing Economy
Ailing President
Ailing soccer outing,
Ailing this and ailing that,
Never ending
The fact is, the NFF and the Sports Ministry in Nigeria are being managed by the most unpatriotic kind of people you can think of. Aside from from being selfish which is self evident, they are bent on killing the only thing that keeps Nigeria united. Not until we overhaul these institutions would we continue to have these kind of national disgrace. God bless Nigeria.
I wonder what manner of Coach Amodu is. You can see the Egyptian Coach actively giving instructions to his boys while the match was on. Our own Coach was just clinging to a corner post and closing eyes as if somebody had just taken his wife. It was only Dan Amokachie that could be seen as a Coach. I wonder what NFF had taken from Amodu to continue to keep him on Super Eagles Coaching list. It would not be a surprise if one finds out that he has a powerful support in the NFF and the sports ministry. I wonder what Yakubu Ayegbeni is still doing in that team. Amodu definitely lacks technical know-how. One could see that the kind of changes he made were quite ineffective. Kanu hardly touched ball for the entire period of his play and when in fact he had a good pass, he lost it to the Egyptian causing us the third goal. What is our chance of qualifying to the second round with the way the Beninois and Mozambicans played yesterday. Posterity will not forgive those killing football which is the only unifying factor in Nigeria.
we have to buckle up for another time
I'm not surprised, i know it will be this way.
we don't have a coach or call it a technical advisers but have some boys that cab play very well,
look at the changes bringing kalu in that kind of game was suicidal and also allowing Mikel miss up our game was another worry.
As a Nigerian i wish Eagles all the best in the games
I support what Dr. Osita okonkwo said. we shouldn`t expect to reap where we did not sow. eagles team did not blend well.
NFF can't eat their cake and have it. Hiw do u want to win wit a wrong choice of management???
wwell from i heard they sucked but lets not give them the benefit of doubt. there re chances that they going to win there next match
well, Nigerian Eagle had never impressed me with their football games these days. cos there's lot of laxity in their play, they better buckle up or else will return back with loads of shame.
This is a deserving result based on our inaptitude as regards to preparation, players selection and capabilities, coaches level of understanding the level of teaching, selling their philosophy and getting the team ready to go...Let’s start with preparation, I don't care how good your players and coaching staff are ,if you don't prepare well, you will play disfunctional..If you saw some of the games played before this game you will know this is just another circus show...We don't have one player that plays at that top level in any premier league that is fit to be that coaches’ extension on the field, not one ...Now, let’s talk about what everybody is talking about --AMODU..He is not a bad coach but an Ok guy, he can only teach these players what he knows and without being biased, their so many reasons this man's ability is but so far...Is the NFF giving him enough resources and support, does the coaching staff and players respect and buy into his methodology and teaching and most importantly has this man been exposed to current resources, equipments and tools to enable him perform at that level we all so much desire..I am not in Nigeria, I have not been privilege to see this man at work, but from what is filtering around and the way the team has been playing shows Amodu is still coaching in the 80's, some 2 decades behind, maybe he can do something about it, maybe the powers that be are impeding or maybe....
Just some things I saw vs. Egypt...we played 4 full backs and still played zone defense, we played a team that for the past 4 years have always played the total football formation and system and we featured a 4-3-3 system of play. our forwards in the entire game wants and get balls with their back completely to the goal, our Goalkeeper was neither verbally and actively organizing the back 4,just a few..
Now, we have to prescribe medication for these ailing diseases...just as in some of my commentaries just after we qualified for the world cup and the NFF was thinking of what and how to fix the coaching issues.
I still think we might still make the semis in Angola which is the mark the NFF required for Amodu to remain the head coach...And even if he doesn’t get us to the last 4, I don't think he should lose his job...I don't care how a good a coach is, it is just too late to bring somebody else. It takes at least 2years to build a formidable team to compete at any level let alone at the world cup stage. We are about 4 months to the big show, reasons a new coach might take over 6months to get accustom to the way NFF does business and most importantly the players have club assignments.
So keep Amodu and please I am an apostle of Nigerian coaches, we have to just get some of the best and give them the resources and support...Give me any coach that we've had in the past or we will in the future and I will give 2 Nigerian coaches here in the USA that can surpass them if put in the same atmosphere and environment we accord these foreign coaches..I will throw this in Siasia, my argument, Amodu is the least paid coach going to South Africa, so instead of getting a foreign coach that will cost us 20 times more, let’s look around, I know we have very sound coaches abound everywhere (I can drop names here in the USA-Okpodu, Friday, Ogunsanya, Morris, Abbey, Motajo, Uwe, just to name a few) and they so many elsewhere even in Nigeria. We can still keep the core coaching staff, still Amodu as head coach and the consortium of coaches help them in these areas they lack...If we really want to go to S-Africa and make some noise, we need to work collectively...UP EAGLES, UP NIGERIA....


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