Minors and young adults face distinctive pressures and burdens which can’t always be understood by the adults. Students may get influenced by social anxiety and take the wrong path. From the home environment to social pressures, everything can contribute to the use of drugs among minors which may lead to a decline in education rates altogether. It’s safe to say that early school education is more vulnerable to the bad effects of drugs. Intervening in early age can positively amend the course of life.

           According to a study, the brain keeps developing until the age of 25. Actions of a being directly affect and disrupt the brain growth. When the drugs are being consumed, they interrupt the normal traffic patterns used by the neurotransmitters.

          The most common behavioural patterns of the student using drugs include deteriorating grades, lack of interest in educational subjects, low level of commitment and emerging chances of dropping out early. The students taking drugs might seem overly tired or hungry. They might seem disinterested in the things being taught in class.

          Some not so common signs include being overprotective of belongings, changes in social relations, mood swings, memory issues, sudden changes in weight, etc. Poor performance in school and disinterest in things a student has been passionate about in the past are also the signs to look out for.

          Education is highly impacted when a student is abusing drugs. All the behavioural patterns of a student, abusing the drugs negatively impact his education. Early school education requires mental and physical stability. It also requires energy, interest in learning, good memory, sharp mind and passion. The students using drugs lack all the qualities and necessities that education requires.

          There is a need to educate children about the harmful effects of drugs from an early age to tackle these concerns. Parents and teachers also need to adopt a kind and trusting attitude with minors, so that they feel comfortable sharing their issues with them. Building trust and enhancing communication quality with students can help them stay away from drugs.

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