By Ben Agande & Chris Ochayi
ABUJA— CHAIRMAN of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mrs. Farida Waziri, yesterday, vowed that the agency would collaborate with
sister anti-graft agencies in the country to ensure that politicians
with corruption cases were prevented from seeking elective offices in 
next year’s general elections.

She also admonished Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC,
Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega to beware of dubious contractors who
may resort to blackmail and petition writing if they failed to win
contracts from the commission.

Mrs. Waziri who spoke at the opening of a training programme on Anti-Money Laundering/Control of Terrorist
Financing being organised by the United States Federal Bureau of
Investigation, FBI, for EFCC operatives and other law enforcement
officers at the Commission’s Training and Research Institute, TRI, Karu
in  Abuja, said corrupt politicians would be denied further access to
loot the nation’s treasury.

Mrs. Waziri said: “We are not going outside the rule of law but we have powers to do certain things. I
mean, if you have a case in court and we know very well that we charged
you to court and the case is ongoing, you have not cleared your name
but you want to take another corner and be relevant, there are many
ways that we can stop you.

“You see, you know the law, a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of competent jurisdiction. Now you don’t publish names that
these people are disqualified by mere publishing names, you will be
violating their fundamental rights. But there are ways of working out
all these things which I told you that we will let you know.

“I don’t want a situation where we will be seen as misusing our powers to
publish the names. Of course, we have the names of Politically Exposed
Persons whose cases have been pending in court for the past five years.
With the brief on the cases, this is not violating anything; we are
just telling you that we have these cases pending. But once you
published a name that this man is banned, it is a different thing. But
we can’t do that. How we will do it along with others in the best
interest of the law and the nation, we will keep it as a strategy for

Waziri advises
INEC boss

Meanwhile, Mrs. Waziri who visited Professor Jega in his office, yesterday said:
“Some people will not be looking at the face of Prof. Jega, they would
be looking at the N87 billion released to the commission for the voters
register. Some will say ‘only one man has the power to appropriate that
Some Nigerians will come to you and say to you what they would have done in a given situation. People have talked of that money, what
he will do with it. Some will not believe that you will spend that
money for the purpose for what it is meant.

“The second issue is that everybody would like to have a bit of it. There are some companies
with all sorts of names like those with general merchandise,
forwarders, importers and exporters.
Headquarters in New York and head offices in whatever country, with very beautiful complimentary

“And when they fail to get what they want, they start with petitions and blackmail. Some of them
will claim that they are specialists in voting materials and when they
don’t get the contracts, they claim that you have awarded the contracts
to your in-laws and cousins. All these precautionary measures have to
be taken into consideration because we are bad losers.”

INEC Chairman, INEC, Prof. Jega commended the EFCC Chairman for her concern,
stating that the commission was willing to partner with all
stakeholders to ensure that there was transparency in the system,
especially the processes in the award of contracts in the purchase of
the voters register and the 2011 general election.

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May God continue to help Nigeria and Nigerians.
The future is bright, all will be well.
who clears them in the first place?
and how is EFCC going to do that, in corrupt laden country like Nigeria where ppl relish in bribe giving and receiving.
this should be part of the assignment of EFCC because of the so-called corrupt politicians we have moved backwards instead of moving forward,since the new dispensation we would have made a lot of progress if the leaders have done what is right,i fully support the EFCC to make sure the corrupt politicians do not get into elective post anymore,they should also request for the blue print of funds given to national assembly members,Govs etc and they should investigate if the funds are properly used this will also help in creating avenues to disqualify the ones that did not do well.
"EFCC insists on stopping corrupt politicians" if they mean it, then they should start from the top (presidential candidates) and i hope it's not a move or way to witch hunt some people like we have seen in the past. If the EFCC boss is someone of her words, then i quess we should see fresh and new politicians with intergrity in the political areena. God Bless NIgeria.
Mrs. Waziri and Professor Jega, please do not let them corrupt you. Please stay the course and deliver, because this will be good for Nigeria. Honesty may not be in the vocabulary of modern day Nigerian politicians, but know this, no corrupt deed has ever gone unpunished; whether they die suddenly, like Abacha "the wicked one" or slowly rot, like IBB, Obasanjo and Atiku "the stupid." At the end of the day, you want to be able to hold your head up because you have nothing to hide. I trust that you will both help us stop this cycle of looting, white elephant projects and plain old stupidity, that pervades Nigerian politics today. Who knows, I may still want to return and contribute my know-how and resources in elevating Nigeria to its proper status in the world. For now, I'll just wait and see.
It is quiet interesting to read the above statement from the boss of EFCC, but one must not fail to ask what happened with Ibori's case, how come he was able to escape the might of EFCC, how come EFCC was unable to present a solid case in the court. How sincere is Mrs Waziri given the antecedence of EFCC under her leadership in other corruption cases. Is there a change of heart or is it just another window dressing. Long live Nigeria!
We welcome this development to stop these heartless looters, who shows no mercy to the man on the street. Again this will help to inject new blood into the political system, and warning shot to others that might see elective positions and government appointment as a money spinning venture. In the other hand, HOPE FOR NIGERIA, advise that EFCC should ensure that this step will not be abused or used to witch hunt opponent of same or opposition parties from contesting. Common sense and rule of law should be used to separate the bad and good. Those that are using our stolen million to fight endless court cases will be difficult, but the Number 6 will apply here.
God Bless Naija
I really wish our leaders get their act together this time.It is so disheartening to be a Nigeria and most of us living in other countries are tired of the way we are treated.Having said that,we Nigerians should not rest on our oars,we must continue to put pressure on our leaders to do the right things.I know for sure the average Nigerian worker is a decent human being but where the government is not providing anything,there is a tendency for everyone and anyone to begin to look out for himself.He has to provide a home for his family,provide light,provide water,provide drugs,provide virtually EVERYthing and anything on a meager salary while he can clearly see others enjoying lavish holidays abroad and living in fantastic mansions.Most of us are trapped in foreign countries because for you to kick start your life in YOUR OWN country,you dont need anything less than 7 million naira.Two years rent in advance,a car or two,generators etc.It is really very bad that a country like Nigeria cannot provide ANYTHING for her people.Very very sad indeed.EFCC should not be afraid of anyone.The time is ripe for them to earn their pay.If not now,when?
Best initiative to achieve free and faire election come 2011, and a way to have credible and quality men who will realise the dreams of many Nigerians.
We have been fooled enough to belief this kind of promose. We shall live to see the actualiztion of it. the more we look into Nigeria politics the less we see. There is hardly any system/arm of government in Nigeria that is not corrupt. When FRSC was inagoratedwe thought there will be sanity in the system as regard the commision role on trafic matter. What do we have now?uniform men licenced to collect bribe of not less than 100 naira to evade inspection or tafic offence. EFCC is yet to impress the common man in this country. Let thecommision go beyondpoliticalvictims and encompass the grassroot too.
Can the EFCC really bite? I have heard it bark over and over again. May God help us this time around.


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