Education kPIs in view of king’s college old boys teleconference with stakeholders

Key performance indicators, KPIs, have been known to provide focus for strategic and operational improvement and direct bases for decision making especially on issues that matters most about all sectors. Impressively, this weekend will stage a focal point one relevant kPIs for educational development in a teleconference with king’s college old  boys  association and national stakeholders.

According to a recent guardian news, the teleconference will pilot pressing affairs in the education sector ranging from keynote lectures to panel discussions on KPIs and the possible way forward. Infact, the Vice president, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and the Deputy Secretary-Gen, United Nations, Amina Mohammed are to cheer the a lecture on the theme “ Education, the way forward".

However, we are most interested in the panel discussion which will focus on current KPIs directed towards the current needs of the educational sector. As it is in the news, the discussion  will focus specifically on alternative funding models for education, education technology,  digital divides and new learning hacks for students and teachers alike. 

What value does this add to the falling education sector?

Comparatively, the Nigerian educational sector is facing more than  a natural challenge; we may likely address the current  state as a gradual loss in value attached to formal education. However  the teleconference between the kings college old boys association and key national stakeholders stands a s a wakeup call and possibly an indicator that education in Nigeria may likely take a better dimension soon.

The educational sector sure needs urgent attention but the dimension of influence this meet up is intended to take is like an icing on the cake especially with the understanding that their could be better alternatives to funding education and promoting education technology than waiting on government.

A look at some KPI for educational development

Financial KPI                                                         

At this point in the Nigeria education sector, it is necessary we look into the performance index of the educational revenue systems, expenditure, assets, liabilities and fund raising index.

Research KPI

Indicators like research income provide leeway for conducting valuable and relevant research especially at the tertiary education level. Undergraduate research projects have got to that point where final year projects outcome should be used to influence community development and not allowed to waste and get burnt after a season.

Course completion KPI

It is  necessary to ascertain the psychological approach to course difficulty and workload on students as well as look into the correct and relevant learning facilities for students.


Technology KPI

Edu-tech KPIs borrows a lot from smart learning devices, virtual and augmented realistic, smart classrooms, distance learning facilities and possibly the inclusion of digital-based courses for skill enhancement and development.

Just like the king’s college’s old boys have made a move to effect change in the falling educational sector of Nigeria, we expect more impact driven call for the sake of development.

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