How can we speed up economic development in Africa?

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Good question Mr. Bony,

21st Century Business Online

As an African American man whom lives both in the US and Ghana, I fell the best way of all is to get the African-born, whom have moved to places like the US, Canada, the UK and such places outside of Africa to realize the real opportunities sitting in front of them if they unify and move as one unit in the diaspora. To put down tribalism, false-nationalism, class differences based on educational levels achieved and then work together. As if like Jews out of Israel in the West, the South Koreans in the diaspora, the Japanese, the Mexicans, etc. that I witness in America. 

My view is such because I feel it is the only way one can overcome corruption and bribery inside of all African countries done on a massive level. All countries worldwide suffer from corruption and bribery but levels inside Africa are usually greater. I have been back and forth in Africa since 1988, so I am an eye-witness. All keeps doors closed due to massive distrust. Which also impacts the mindsets of Africa-born, whom do come to places like the US. I know first-hand.

Last time I left Ghana, after a year's stay, I returned to the US to recruit Africa-born and show them how working as a collective they could have a major economic impact on their home countries within 1 yr or less. My biggest roadblock over a few years now: Distrust and the feeling everyone on Earth is a 419 scam artist. I will say this too, most Black people worldwide think with a poor person's mindset, cheap, something for nothing or a no-work solution to fix our problems in life. There are only two mindsets in this world: People whom think rich and people whom think poor.

I am a man whom has know about a plan, based in the US, that can have an individual making a $10,000 per week income within a 6 month window. But this online, micro-business venture or pursuit requires 144 people to participate within that 6 month window for each. I have known about such a plan for over 4 years. But to find 144 Blacks be they Africa-born, Caribbean-born or US born African Americans to focus, research online and get deeply serious about such a task is like chasing an unseen fantasy. I here in Chicago have tried the Ghanians, Nigerians, Kenyans, Liberians, Haitians, a Zambian and Jamaican individuals over the years...that includes the African Americans as well. NONE are focused or serious about doing the online research and working with me to uplift their families, extended families or countries economically.

Now, can I tell you about it here on a Nigerian website? NO! Why? Because that particular company I am a part of does not allow its members to even discuss its existence in countries not in its network globally. The company is ranked in the top 20 fastest growing companies in the US. It is ranked in the top 5 in its field business-wise in the US.

Africa is about the ONLY continent the company has not tapped into yet. Why? Besides race? Corruption, bribery and Traditional Beliefs make it shudder. I might add too, paying Africans inside of Africa would be very difficult, as the company pays out weekly on Fridays. Why is such hard? Western Union only allows Africans to 'receive' not send. Money Gram, the same. Then there is PayPal, it functions to some degree in about 38 African countries. But it does not function in major gateways such as Nigeria and Ghana. I am trying to put Ugandans in it now and they face difficulties. As I have another business venture here in the US that ONLY pays out weekly via PayPal worldwide. I say all to show you how Africans remain economically crippled even with access to the internet inside of Africa. 

Do you hear me Africans across the continent and particularly in the diaspora outside of Africa, you MUST unite no matter you are Zambian, Malian, Senegalese, Gambian, Namibian, Ugandan, South African,  Haitian, Ethiopian, Beninese, Togolese, Belizean, Australian, African American, etc. This is the 21st century and it is now our time. Not just India's and China's time. Our Mother is ready to awaken and her life source is the internet globally.

I rest my case.

African leaders must first of all stop corruption before African will witness any meaningful development.


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