Eating habits that can boost undergraduates brain power

Your brain needs as much attention as other sensitive parts of your body; because its performance either pacifies your mental or cognitive performance or makes it draggy. The human brain should as a matter of fact receive even more attention than other parts of the body since it holds the key to your saneness as human. The human brain has more than enough power to stretch and accommodate as much information and knowledge as you allow it to, as long you keep it up-and-running. Keeping your brain alive means keeping your brain cells active; this brings us to how you can boost your brain power as undergraduates.

Borrowing from some health education project topics; an undergraduate project on public health to be precise refereed to a 2013 health study in England which shows that some mental health issues can be associated with obesity. In that same research, it was recommended that food can also be used as a coping strategy to restore mental health.

 I hope that rings a bell;

Now to propose a resolve for this brain abuse is to take up the right eating habits to boost your brain power to store, process and retrieve information when you need it.

I have here a line-up of healthy foods you can resolve to eating on daily bases or at close intervals for health brain;

  • Vegetables and fruits including pumpkin, spinach, carrot, berries, apples etc.

  • Sea foods that contain Omega 3 good and healthy fats plus protein source for super brain power, eg. fresh fishes.

  • Grains like soya beans, beans etc. are good source of protein that are ever ready to replace and repair dead and worn our cells respectively

You will realize it is easier and even cheaper to maintain the brain than to resurrect a dead or nearly-dead brain cells. Decline in the brain performance is bound to occur if proper attention is not given it. I urge you to cease the day and save your brain from decline.

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