Eating contest gone wrong — Man chokes to death on Christmas Day

A Uganda man has died after being choked to death.
Christmas: Man chokes to death during eating contest in Uganda
The 56-year-old man identified as Sentekola Gad was choked to death on Christmas Day during an eating contest in Kibimbiri, Kihiri sub-country, Kanungu district.

The victim was said to have died due to lack of safety protocol by the organizers.

It was gathered that the victim was taken to a health centre in Kihihi where it was established he was choked to death

Police spokesperson, Fred Enanga, labelled the contest as an amateur which is said to have being organised by one Salvan who did not follow safety protocol.

He said that the police is now hunting for the organizer who did not follow safety protocols while organizing the competition.

He added that the organizer should have warned the competitors of the dangers involved and also have a medical personnel on board.

The PPRO warned the public against such risky contests like food and alcohol drinking competitions.

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