Easy steps to prevent snakes from entering your toilets

Since the story of the NAF female personnel who died as a result of snake bite in her restroom on Friday, November 19 broke out, Nigerians have began paying extra attention to their water closets and toilet bowls.

6 Effective ways to prevent snakes from entering your toilet in this dry season - National Daily Newspaper

Follow these six (6) easy steps to keep snakes away from your toilets completely;

1. Use mesh or wire covering to block pipes, drains and any openings in your toilet.

2. Fumigate your sewage system every six months.

3. Always cover your septic tanks and slabs. ...

4. Repair all broken sewage pipes. ...

5. Pour a sachet of salt (the one of N100) and half litre of kerosene on the toilet bowl.

6. Always check your toilet before you sit on it.

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