EARN! Don't let your Facebook and Twitter be for fun only! Turn them into money making machines!

EARN! EARN!! EARN!!! Don't let your Facebook and Twitter be for fun only! Turn them into money making machines!.Web Income Nigeria employs you to advertise and market online via your own Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LikedIn pages or even your website. You advertise for them and they pay you handsomely directly into your local bank account. It’s that SIMPLE! Web Income Nigeria teaches you everything you need to know about advertising through your website, facebook, twitter or Google+, Likedln accounts. Start Earning Now By Visiting The Link and Fill The Application Form With Details Below... web link: http://www.webincomeng.com/referal

referal name: Olayinka Afolabi,

referal ID: 1100002

Important msg. There will be a customized registration link sent to your email address to click on after filling the referral form. Please make sure you complete your registration through the click on link sent to your email.

BENEFITS: *You are paid for adverts you post on your facebook, twitter, google+, likedln or website based on number of people you lured to their site. Their tracking software will get this. * You get N500 for every person you refer. * They pay you a salary of N100,000/month for a life time (work or no work) after referring at least 1,000 people, N150,000 for 1500 referrals and it goes on and on,(They call it a retirement plan) * A 10% bonus of all your earnings is paid to your bank account every 10th of December. Chance of a direct job at their head quarters just like many others currently working with them.

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