et paid to recieve text messages
on your phone the
website,textcash Network shares
it's text revenue with it's
T.C.N.Affiliates and Membership
Base using a 10 Level
Referral Reward System. T.C.N.
payup to $1.50 monthly per
member,up to 10 Levels of
Referrals, who agree to receive
one to 5 TextCash Network texts
Daily. It is simple to do the math
to estimate Revenue Sharing.
Here are two mathematical
examples of maximum revenue
sharing. A 2x10 Referral
Pays A Maximum Earnings of
$76.75Per day or $2,302.50
monthly. Earning potential here is
unlimited, the more your
referrals the more you earn. The
best part is it's 100% free to join
happy earning!!

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