E-devices and application undergraduates could leverage while in Isolation

While the embargo on movements still holds sway, easy, jovial and stress-free study time won’t hurt, I suppose. Ever since Covid-19 struck, a lot of human activities across the globe have been put to halt; important among them is academic activities. Students including undergraduates will be put at risk if they went to school; so self-isolation however became the new order. But does that mean learning should pause too? I don’t think so ‘cos there are ways to make-up for it.

While undergraduates and other category of students alike are far apart from their teachers, some e-devises and applications will bridge the gap this pandemic has created in the world of education. Also, for undergraduates who were meant to commence or continue their undergraduate projects research but were hindered by the pandemic, these applications and e-devices will benefit you a great deal.

e-readers (e-device)

Undergraduate and other students alike can pull the features the e-readers have to offer for better study experience. E-readers are standalone study devices for books and periodicals like newspapers, magazines and other documents. E-readers afford bold and visible fonts that are readable to all lenses; very important among its features as it applies to undergraduates, is that it is free from distraction that mobile phones can bring. In essence, students can read with e-readers and enjoy it maintaining focus without being tempted to reply a pop-up chat or even take a quick call.

Speed reading (reading app)

Like the name implies, Speedreading is an app that coordinates fast reading. In this period of self-isolation, undergraduates and other students can learn to read faster using this app. Fast reading is associated with bright students who have the ability to capture words real fast and also have the ability to pay attention to details within a short notice. This application can boost student’s memory capacity, increase reading speed and increase focus and attention to details.

Grasshoppper (basic coding app)

Learning to code may have been in your career to-do table but still can’t find a way around it yet since you have attained your academic center point. Start now to learn coding from scratch with a virtual game tutor like grasshopper. It works in a way that you solve virtual puzzles while writing codes. It is feasible using mobile devices, laptops and desktops; whichever is at your disposal at this time, you just have to start learning to code now that you have all the time.

You have to stay safe; please stay at home…

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