On October 1st, 2010, our country will turn 50.  Whilst we thank those who have contributed positively to the development of our fatherland, Nigerians are unanimous on one verdict: our great nation has not fulfilled its potential and our realities are far from our ideals.  It is time for a new generation to build a modern Nigeria.

Fifty years after independence, we have failed to realise the dreams and aspirations of our founding fathers. We are the sixth largest oil producer in the world, yet we import fuel and have no electricity. We have some of the most intelligent and resourceful people on earth, yet we cannot make Nigeria work for you.

If truth be told, you are not asking for much from your government. You just want the custodians of our common wealth to give you good roads, good hospitals, good schools and a constant supply of electricity.  You want potable water, food to eat and a roof over your head. You want sensible policies that create opportunities; to profit from your labour, to use your God-given abilities to improve your lot and to take care of your aged and loved ones. You want to give back to your community and you want a political system that encourages people to contribute to the development of our fatherland. You want to be safe, to take a stroll in the night without fear. These are the yearnings in our hearts.

We can only attain these with effective, capable, caring, courageous and visionary leadership. We require fresh ideas and new thinking. This is the kind of leadership I have offered as Governor of Kwara State.    

As Governor, I have transformed Kwara State. In seven years, I have given Kwarans reasons to be proud of their State. Under my leadership, Kwara State became a reference point for new ideas, determination, dynamism and possibilities. An agro-allied economy was developed, jobs were created and power generation became a reality.  I can do the same for Nigeria. Nigeria is a bigger undertaking, but the challenge of leadership is the same.

Today, I, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, humbly offer myself to serve as the President of our great nation. I ask for your mandate and support. My commitment is to you, the people of Nigeria. You are the reason I am running for President.  This election is all about you and the outcome will shape our future.  

If you give me the opportunity to serve as President of Nigeria, I promise to dedicate my life and energy to the cause of our country and our people.
I promise to build bridges of understanding across the nation; I will be fair and equitable.  I promise to listen, remain humble and work with you as we put our heads together to realize our potential.

I promise to work tirelessly to get our economy moving; to provide security, housing and boost our agricultural production. We will educate our children, improve infrastructure & power supply, revamp our healthcare delivery system, empower our women, give opportunities to the young and enable the enterprising. In particular, I will work to ensure that our teeming population of vibrant, intelligent youths who roam the streets find gainful employment and outlets for their dreams.

As your leader, I will display the courage to enforce the laws of the land. Crime will not go unpunished.  I also commit to strengthening our electoral processes because without free and fair elections, the will of the people cannot be enthroned.

The ways of old will not accomplish our vision of tomorrow.  We must move in a new direction.

If there is anyone out there who is tired of how our country has been blessed with so much, but has achieved so little in the last 50 years; I call on you to join me because this is about you. This race is not about me. It is about you and our collective destiny and you have a responsibility.  

There is an abiding spirit in the Nigerian. It is the spirit of courage; the spirit of tolerance; the spirit of fortitude; the spirit of enterprise. My offer to serve seeks to do justice to that abiding spirit and energy of a new generation of Nigerians.

We must get to work immediately, and let the world know that Nigeria is ready to take its rightful place in the comity of nations.  This is our generational challenge.

I have the ability, courage, energy and the vision.  I believe it can be done; and I indeed call upon you, Let’s get it done.

May God in his infinite mercies preserve our nation. May he fulfill our dreams and inspire our hopes.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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good write up presi sorry governor and intending president but why not work with GOODLUCK J and see if yu all can march this great nation to where it should be power belong to the people but in PDP na who get am get am
Listen 2 urself,if u did al these in kwara state,kwara would hav turned 2 paris.you want 2 serve d people then start by paying d depositors of ur father's failed bank in which u saraki was managing director,if u claim 2 good & honest go & settle those depositors first bcos these depositors ar part of d nation u want 2 serve.GOD bless nigeria.
Everyone has the right to declare his or her ambition. We shall decide who gets there..with JEGA on our side!
He is a joker. Mr. Saraki knows he can never become a president with the present political set up of Federal Republic of Nigeria. The politics the Saraki family has been playing in Kwara State vis-a-vis national politics has locked them in a disadvantage position because of their own selfish short term political gains. They have created a small 'independent' Yoruba kingdom for themselves which is not answerable to west and at the same time not assimilate to the north.
What a promisory declaration..... He promised a lot and i vehemently belief he would potray the Northern style of leadership where a set of certain people rule throughout. This set of people always leave the reign of government in the hands of their most loved one, even if possible make it a family cake. He has demonstrated it when he anointed his dougther as new Kwara state governor to be. Well, you are welcome to the race and have a nice challenge.
good morning all Nigeria i will like to support income President of Nigerian Dr. Bukola Saraki For the Nigerian President 2011 Election because this man is man of God don't miss your opportunity for the 2011, don't support loser
Dr. Buloka Saraki is the winner teams God bless Nigerian


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