Download Latest 2go Version 6.0.3 with Voice chat here - (Official Version)

2go Version 6.0.3 – The 2go team has presently released latest version, v6.0.3 with voice chat for Java, phones, and Blackberry phones. You can now download 2go Version 6.0.3 for both java.jar, .apk, and Zip Application.

DOWNLOAD 2go Version 6.03

Also, this latest 2go Messenger version 5.0.3 can be downloaded in support of every java compatible phone, Blackberry, HTC, Tecno, Samsung, Java and Symbian phones.

2go is a social network of millions of people from all over the world. Download now to enjoy all the fresh exciting features of this latest Version 5.0.3

Download 2go now to Enjoy!

How to Download

To download 2go 5.0 version is not difficult, its completely easy just follow the guide below and can be sure of downloading 2go app on your mobile phone.

Log onto and click on download icon, if you do not know the model of your phone is better you find out because before you download 2go on your mobile phone you will select you phone model. 

When it has downloaded you will be expected to provide some information about yourself like your name, country, username and your password. Once this is done you are now a registered member of 2go and you can start chatting. features 2go Rooms, 2go News, 2go Credit, 2go Profile, 2go Friends all these are some of the major features you find on 2go and its very important that you know what they are and what they are all about.

2go Credit – This 2go credit works with your real money in your phone and to get this 2go credit you must buy it from and without the 2go credit you can not chat on 2go chat rooms because this 2go credit gives you access to rooms in the 2go Rooms.


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2go News – This is the place you get updated on what is happening on 2go, 2go notifies you of any changes they want to make> on News you are the first to know of any update that is available for you, that is why this is a very important feature.

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2go Friends – This entails of all the friends that you have on 2go, the ones you added up or the ones who added you up, on this Friends feature you can see your friends that are online and the ones who are offline.

2go Profile – This is your profile on 2go, it carries information that your friends get to see on 2go, on your 2go Profile, you can provide a photo of you there so your friends can see you, it has your gender, and location.

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You can download 2go messenger here: Download 2go

You can also Download the latest Version of 2go for Android APK, Java and Blackberry HERE


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