Amapiano is a new South African Sound.

Today the big players also include VigroDeep, Lowkeys, Leehleza, De Mthudaand DJ Papers.

But the claimed founding producers are Jazzi Disciples who consist of Mr JazziQ and music partner Josiah De Disciple.

The music has also come to be associated with rawness and an unapologetic attitude toward sexual encounters. Like Ur Sheetee by Kabza De Small ft Moonchild Sanelly and Baby Are You Coming by Zero 12.

Lindiwe Molopyane from Atteridgeville, who is Zero 12’s vocalist, says the music influences the way they dance and has certainly brought a new vibe to the clubs.

Top 2019 Amapiano Songs

De Mthuda Shesha

Kaygee Daking Kokota Piano

Baby Are You Coming Amapiano

Kabza De Small Scorpion Kings

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