I love the courage exhibited by Dora in a move to serve her people. She has never failed in any position from her time in NAFDAC to Info Minister. I want to believe dat d Nigeian Senate would be better for it with d likes of d Vocal Dora speaking d minds of d masses. Let Anambrarians give her a chance. Who knows she might also be a good successor to Gov. Obi???

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Yes she is good but recall that all the offices she ever held was base on appointed. Now she is going to summit herself to contest and win her election. We just hope her popularity wins her her elections because even the best candidiate dont always win their elections.
I believe she has gone through thick and thin over the yearr in Nigeria politics and therefore equal to the task. I wish her the best in her new endeavor.

Bridget Nzeribe said:

well,l give her my full support but let her remember,politics is meant for tough people and tough people don't give up that easily.

She is a woman with a lion's heart.  she has a very rich antecedent and I am quite convinced that she is going to succeed in her new venture.  She has never been associated with failure.  I doff my hat for her.


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