Does a full breast really make a woman’s beauty or a mere complement?

Women often get obsessed about the size of their breast especially if it looks too small at an older age. Teen girls who have just arrived puberty can’t really wait to start wearing braziers because they suppose that is where a woman’s beauty all lies; while some others really wish that time never comes. Matured ladies are often tempted to enlarge their breast especially if they are worried about the size of their breast; they may not have looked so attractive to men, just maybe.

The fact is, your natural breast size as a woman can either be small, medium or large and if you are not satisfied about the size of your breast you can go for a breast enlargement cream, a therapy or surgery.

But what really matters about a woman’s breast; the size or the shape?

You may have wondered what really matters in a woman’s breast; I too have wondered as much but I have realized that it is better to have small firm breast than have big fallen breast. It is also better to have big firm breast than a small fallen breast. This means that the shape of the breast is what really matters.

The shape here applies to a firm breast and it adds to your beauty in the following ways;

  • Firm breasts are more attractive and makes you look attractive too
  • It makes you wear a youthful look; even you breast looks youthful.
  • A firm breast is a landmark for healthy life and fertility
  • It is always fitting for almost all kind of outfit.

As much as I do not want to encourage a small breast, it is necessary to add that a small sized or medium sized breast has better potential to be firm than a very big one. Even when small breast have fallen, they ‘shall surely rise again’ if you apply breast enlargements creams which also has the ability to make your breast firm.

Here are some of the benefits small breast-sized women enjoy

  • They can work-out without feeling so much weight from their chest.
  • They can easily stretch their chest and are free from back aches
  • They have better chances to fit into any kind of blouse, or dress.
  • They have better chances of having a firm breast.
  • They are somehow free from unnecessary stare from men especially while having a close discussion.

Concluding: a full breast adds to a woman’s beauty as much as the size, but the most important of all is a firm breast.

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