Do you really need to switch career to make the sort of money you need

Do you really think that quitting your current job and running for another is going to make a huge difference in your career path? Or maybe, you think your career path isn’t paying so well so you quickly need to run off to get a grip of a more lucrative one. Well if you think so, I think I’ll go with that too. From my experiences, I realized that there is close relationship between employee career path and employee retention; while this may not be the case at all times, it has a lot to say about employee turnover and retention.

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Certainly, some career paths are more lucrative while some others have just a little time to go into extinction or even get converged into some new ones. In another picture, some career path requires less rigid protocols than others and so on. Whatever be the case, the moment you decipher between career and passion, maybe you will be able to answer the question of which career to leave and which to go for.

But just in case you already did that, I did love to give you some tips on how to switch to your new found lucrative career without attracting so much unnecessary attention.

How to gradually switch career path


Conduct a market research

Doing a market research on your prospective career path will help to give you an edge when you fully get into it. It helps understand how rewarding it is; if really you have to go for it or just behind.

Immerse yourself into the new career

Entrepreneurship is one of those careers that can make you quite a six figure job; and if you must make the best out of it, you have to take out time to study and immerse yourself into the new career ideas, process, routines and the entire business procedure.

Attach yourself to a pro or under-study a model

Except you’ve made good money that can sustain you for a while, you may not need to resign your job yet; I suggest you take time and model someone who is really doing well. I think it will help you align your plans and resources better.


Ready? Go!

When you’ve gotten to this stage, I guess you’ll have to sacrifice everything else and focus on your new found career. Make sure you really meant it; there is going to be some tough times. So prepare your mind for what lies ahead.

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