It is not surprise that many teenagers are suffering from obesity and the epidemic is at an all time high. Many healthcare providers are very concerned about why so many teenagers are struggling with their health that even the US Department of Health has taken notice.

Of course it goes without saying that exercise is critical if you want to live a healthy life. Yet I often find when I ask my clients if they have a daily or weekly regimen that most don’t. Here are what some of them said when I asked them about it:

I wish more counseling and therapy professionals were more supportive/encouraging of exercise. I have mobility issues after having been very active. For years I kept asking how I could get a cardio workout in with coordination and balance problems-- none of them (from my GP, to specialists, to physical therapists) seemed to care. My questions about continuing with exercise were literally ignored-- even when I tried to explain that I was starting to get depressed/tired/sore from lack of exercise.

I have been trying my own modifications but I still can't quite get up to a 30 min sweat-inducing workout. I can't imagine how much more daunting exercise would be for someone in this situation who didn't start out active. Everyone should be able to get the benefits of exercise regardless of disability-- but even the advocates (like Suzuki, in this video) don't seem to consider disability (they may have been in the audience she told to stand up).

I was (am) in a very stressful job, full-time in college studying physics, bad family situation, lonely, depressed, etc. My car broke down and I was forced to ride a bike 6 miles to work, 2 to school, and 7 home every day, plus normal errands. At first I was stressed about getting a new car but now, almost 2 months later, I'm feeling strong and healthy, I have more energy and sleep better, I'm in a better mood and mind space, I've been listening to audiobooks while riding and loving it. I enrolled in a Tai Chi class as well and I feel I'm on a whole new, positive trajectory in my life. My new awareness of my body is leading me to eat better as well. I feel good.

I thought exercise had all been proven to help brain functioning. Maybe it was the hippocampus that she was zeroing in on? I think most people would be interested in the part of the brain that overcomes the desire to not exercise.

Adrenaline endorphins, yeah! I'm stoned all the time, yeah! Seriously , As a mountaineer for most of my life, exercise in nature is so beneficial for your health but for your soul as well Is a holistic medicine for happiness, works!

Can someone please help me understand how the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex can get bigger? Is there some space in the skull? I thought there is no space to expand and that is why some people get terrible migraine when the blood vessels in the brain swell (one solution for this that I read was to place a bag of ice and help the swelling to go down).

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