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Sad to note,

that a good governance should not be secretive and cover ups,if their hands are equally clean.

Many terrorist activities that have been happening in Nigeria have been shielded,Perpetrators covered just like the stealing and looting of The Wealth meant for Nigerians that have been stolen,publicized,yet covered up by the ruling PDP installed government in Nigeria.

The Terrorist killings in Plateau State,Bornu State and elsewhere in Nigeria,where all covered by the so called but forced leadesrhip that are ruling the country today.

The best way to do these?Expose the names of the Perpetrators who are Engineering these demonic actions to the Nigerian public,rather than keeping their Identity secret for fear that they are well placed and sacred Cows?

Nigerians will be happy if these primitive and backward acts by some few UN-patriotic Nigerians are exposed in the mass media and electronic media for the citizenry to see.

The Golden Jubilee bombing and killing of Innocent Nigerians will not have happened,if these thieves and demons are exposed for all Nigerians to see.

The nine Billion Naira that was missing and linked to the Speaker of the House should be brought to general topic on the television stations,so also is the missing sixteen Billion US dollars meant for power generating plants,for Nigerians to see and debated on.

If these are brought to the limelight,I believe Most Nigerians will welcome Presidential Aspirants from any of the contesting Merchants.

Silver Jubilee celebration will be complete,if most Nigerians have seen unity in diversity,

through infrastructural developments and the visits by the federal delegation to different States.

Take for instance,Asaba,the Delta State capital where it is clearly shown,that Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan is following the foot steps of the person that put him there.

The Asaba Airport/Airstrip project have been abandoned,the Asaba township stadium have been equally abandoned,nineteen years after the creation of Delta State,yet the Governor wants to be elected again?

Unity in Diversity?Or Dis-unity in the making?
please let pray for our country

Thank Kudirat,

may God accept our prayer for a better Nigeria.


Agbedejobi Kudirat said:
please let pray for our country
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