Disgraced Attorney general now takes orders from junior colleagues

There was a swap in the cabinet. I am now the minister of special duties while the minister of labour takes over from me as the attorney general and minister of justice," The disgraced minister told repoters after he was removed and re-deployed to a less post.
More new things are still going to happen soon and do not forget that the Acting president needs our prayers.

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Life is subject to changes.So if you are up today, don't dispised others becouse, it may be their turn tomorow. If only the former AGF knew that things will sudenly take a different shape, he would have acted fast when the occation demanded him to do so."Had i known" all ways come late.
When I saw the headline," Aondoakaa Removed", I thought he has been given a VIP treatment. I must confess that Jonathan was so lenient in that case. Aondoakaa has no conscience so it is still very dangerous to maintain a traitor as an ally. Jonathan should remove the kinds of Aondoakaa from his administration if he wants to be sincere with Nigerians.
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