For you the igbo and eastern Nigerians),I abandoned all ease and embraced pain.
For yo0 i improvised myself to buy your protection.
For you i walked every battlefront to assure your welfare.
For you i stood when every other person crouched.
For you i endured 13years of bitter exile.
For you i endured 10months of maximum security prison.
For you i embraced priestly poverty
For you i continue to struggle...
What i have said is not harsh,it is only the naked truth and it reflects only the intensity of love i harbour for my people.
I believe you have to be the Ikemba to be the Ikemba.
Rest In Peace great DIM.
Ndi'igbo lets join hands together and pick it from where Ikemba left off,the movement for sovereignity should never die.

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Yes our lion, that great Igbo son of inestimable value is gone.  May his soul rest in peace. Amen


We have lost a dear son, whose repalcement may be too hard to come by.  Who will step into his big shoes?



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